Another post (finally)

It’s rainy and gross out tonight, so I figured I’d finally blog again. (I also, re-vamped my blog site. What do you think? The right side now shows a feed from my Twitter account. I wanted to add this because I’m discovering that I’m really slow at blogging- my apologies- and am constantly on Twitter.)

So really, I should have blogged just about every day since I’ve been here. We heard it on the news: out of the past 25 days in New York, it’s rained 19. UGH! I am sick of this weather.

No matter what I wear or where I walk, my feet get soaked, which means I get cold, which means I’m annoyed. I hate carrying around my umbrella all of time. I’m on my second one now (thanks to wind gusts) and will probably need a third one soon seeing as how mine got a little torn up with today’s weather.

However, without this weather, I would not now know proper city umbrella etiquette.

Umbrellas in the City 101

Now when I say that I’ve learned umbrella etiquette, please know that not everyone here has learned it or practices it. I think I’ve learned it best through witnessing and experiencing what NOT to do.

It’s definitely not easy to walk with an umbrella here when pedestrian traffic is shoulder-to-shoulder because of course, most others have umbrellas, too. One would think that this kind of situation would teach people to not walk so quickly or so closely to one another, but oh no, it doesn’t stop anyone.

Basically, here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. If you have an umbrella and you’re passing a slow person in front of you, please give yourself enough room to pass safely and comfortably. I think that a minimum of three feet is required for this.
  2. If you don’t have enough room to give this said slow person three feet, simply raise your umbrella as to avoid hitting his/her umbrella sending it spinning in his/her hands and also angering him/her. This rule also applies to people walking toward each other, etc. (This has happened to me so many times, it’s not even funny. I also witnessed a woman getting hit in the face with an umbrella and then cursing at the man who hit her- funny stuff!)
  3. When you decide that it’s time to break out your umbrella, PLEASE look around you first to see if you might whack someone in the face or neck. This has happened to both Ryan and me- it is not fun, not at all.
  4. Inversely, please look out for people when you are closing your umbrella and more importantly where you are shaking the excess water. (Also not fun: getting a shower from another umbrella after the rain shower.
  5. Basically, just don’t be oblivious.

OK, this blog is silly, but it’s late here, and I’ve been wanting to blog, especially after revamping the site. I PROMISE I’ll have a “real” blog post soon about what I’ve been up to (exciting stuff!) with photos and such.

For now, good night and good luck. 😀


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