Broadway Banter

Since coming to NYC, I’ve heard a lot of funny conversations- as you can imagine. Of course, everything I hear is out of context, so it’s even funnier than what it should be.

Inspired by the University Daily Kansan’s Wescoe Wit, I’ve decided to do my own version: Broadway Banter.

Overheard on 7/10/09

NBC security guard: “Yeah man. Next time there’s somebody in the street, you just gotta hit ’em.”

Overheard on 7/3/09

Woman (to another woman): “Yeah, Mount Vernon’s dead.”

Girl (with group of friends): “Man, I don’t even care how much trouble I get in. This was a good day!”

Overheard on 6/29/09

Guy (to another guy in a parked van): “We’ve got two things in this world: our word and our nuts.”

Overheard on 6/27/09

Woman (taking about an elderly woman with a cane to another woman): “She needs to hurry up! I don’t know what her problem is. She doesn’t need that cane or walk that slow when no one’s around! It’s all a show…”  [blogger’s note: This comment was overheard in Pennsylvania, not New York. The blogger just thought it’d be a nice inclusion.]

Overheard sometime in June

Guy (to another guy): “Yeah, it was like that time you found $20,000 in that trash bag…”

Homeless guy: “You got $10,000?” (Hey, it’s worth a shot, right?)


2 responses to “Broadway Banter

  1. We have been reading your blog!! Love all of it. Umbrella Etiquette should be plublished in some mag. Love the art . Your job sounds so interesting. Love you lots, G and G Lange

  2. Glad you included the Philly comment. It was pretty priceless!

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