I have been such a slacker on this blog.

Sorry- I’m trying to remember to blog more, but I always seem to forget because I’ve been doing so many things. Many of my friends have informed me that Ryan is much better at blogging than me. But hey, I might be better if I only had photos to put on a blog. 🙂 (I mean that in the best way possible, Ryan.)

OK anyway, I’m still doing well in NYC. I’m slowly running out of money, which was to be expected but is still no fun either way. Nevertheless, I just want to make sure that I’m doing everything I can be while I’m here. Which reminds me, I need to try to find more journalism-y lectures while here! Ryan and I have already gone to listen to a NY Times multimedia producer give a lecture at B&H. That was awesome.

What to do, what to do

The most recent highlights of my time here: Bryant Park (every Monday for free movies), Museum of Natural History, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (we saw an improv show there- Mo Rocca, Bobby Moynihan, and John Lutz were some of the comedians there),  Metropolitan Museum of Art, Coney Island/Hudson River for the 4th, American Ballet Theatre’s Romeo and Juliet, etc. You can check out my Facebook album that has photos I’ve taken so far while here.

Work it

Work is still going well. Today I went to a News Practices & Standards session where I learned about policies and such. Basically, I’m not allowed to blog in detail about what I’m doing before it is published/broadcasted. But I will say that I’m working more on original stuff that I’ve written, recorded and started to edit.

I went to an intern meeting yesterday, too, where a group of us could meet with HR interns and speak candidly about our internships. There I found out how lucky I’ve been with NBC Mobile. I can actually get my hands on whatever really- editing, writing, shooting- and do what I want with footage I find. Some people in this HR session definitely didn’t sound like they were too happy with what they were doing. Thank goodness I’m actually getting to spend valuable time on projects.

I just can’t believe I have like three weeks left at NBC and in New York! It feels like there’s still so much to do in the city before I go.

I am excited for Mom and Dad to come the weekend before my birthday! And hopefully Leah and Justin can come, too. Then Sachi and Michelle are here, and then I’m basically home. Yikes!

New York state of mind

I think I better understand the general New Yorker’s state of mind. Everyone here is just busy. Plain and simple. There are millions of people here with millions of schedules and probably billions of things to worry about. I get it.

But sometimes, I just want to shake some of the people I see on the street here and say, “You’re in New York City! You can do whatever you want to do tonight!” I just think that so many natives here are so busy and so cynical that they don’t always appreciate the amazing city in which they live.

It’s so easy to get tense and upset about the littlest things here. I catch myself becoming a bit tense at times over dumb things like slow walkers or the grammar of people on the streets, so I can’t even imagine the kind of tension that New Yorkers have.

But then again, I find myself asking if they even have tension. New Yorkers, in general, seem to be so oblivious to their surroundings that even a man in a costume shouting absurdities down the street wouldn’t faze them. So it could be that no one cares enough about the people around them or surroundings to have that much tension here.

Like I said, I’m only beginning to somewhat understand the mindset here. I don’t think I get it. And wouldn’t be able to until I live here for a good year. But who knows if that will ever happen.

I love New York, but I do miss my family and friends back in Kansas. Hope all is well with everyone reading this.

Much, much love.


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