Multimedia: The University Daily Kansan

Copy editing: The University Daily Kansan

Print: Vosburgh sports column Mangino made benching mistake

Online: Vosburgh: Mangino made a big mistake

This column was a bit tricky to edit. This was the writer’s first column, and it came four months after the rest of The Kansan sports columnists had started writing for the semester. It was also more daring and bold than other sports columns I had edited.

I approached the column with caution and knew I needed to make sure that he could back up all of the rhetorical sentences he included in the column. Most importantly, I wanted to make sure that this new columnist would not feel as though he couldn’t write what he wanted to write. I had not yet established a rapport with this writer, and I wasn’t sure how he would react to my concerns.

In the end, I considered these statements and concluded that because they weren’t really offensive, I would leave them in the column. I made sure, however, to let the writer know that he might receive negative feedback about some of his statements. I changed some style and grammatical errors, and he and I both decided to take out only one statement that I believed he did not support with facts.

Health care debateHealth care debate 2

Print: Stepping up to the debate: College Republicans hold forum to stress  insurance importance/ Students mostly uninvolved in discussions, protests

Online: College Republicans hold health care forum/ Students show indifference in health care

It was interesting to edit two stories that would be packaged together in the paper. I basically wanted to make sure that the information would not be overlapped in the stories. However, I also kept in mind that someone might read only one of the stories. So, an adequate explanation of the essential information need to be present in both stories.

One of the stories was more about a campus event, while the other story discussed student involvement in health care debates. I though the even story did a sufficient job of telling where the event was and why it was happening on campus.

Football story Print: Proven playmakers lead offense: Returning players can provide a strong backbone to team

Online: Returning players secure a strong offense

A sports writer who typically writes longer, more descriptive stories wrote this football story. He writes very well, but sometimes it can be more of a challenge to edit his stories because of his talent. Everything in his stories seemed to be well-written, but because other sports writers weren’t as talented, it would have been easy to not edit these stories as extensively.

I tried to make sure that the sentences in the story were concise, but I also wanted to avoid changing his story in a way that might take away form his voice and writing style.

Overall, I though that this story efficiently told a story in an interesting manner, and because of that, I worked with the writer more on style and grammatical issues.

Fellowship story Print: Researcher’s dedication pays off: Cancer studies hit close to home for medicinal chemist

Online: Medicinal chemist receives fellowship

I would have liked to move the third paragraph of this story up a bit more because I think readers should know more about who this main source is in the second paragraph. However, when I brought up that issue with the reporter, she was resistant.

The reporter stressed tthat she wanted to keep the story from including too much medical jargon that a college audience would not understand, so I tried to uphold that while still making sure explanation was given where it was needed.

Activism story 1Activism story 2Activism story 3 Print: Activism at KU: From turbulent to temperate

Online: A look at KU’s changing face of activism

This story was the reporter’s final project for the semester. It was a long story, but luckily it was broken up based on various sub-topics. I didn’t have to change too much to the story — just some style or grammar things mostly. I did work with the reporter on taking out some partial quotes (I hate partial quotes). Some of these were left in the story per the reporter’s request, but we talked about why and when it might be OK to use them.

There were some areas that after a first read, I thought could use more expansion. However, it was difficult to decide to add to this already long story. I decided that it painted a pretty thorough picture overall. The reporter had some really great sources that I thought helped tell this story tremendously.


I took the following photos for a photojournalism class at the University of Kansas.

The first few were taken for a photo story I did on the University Dance Company.

Players from the national and international flickerball teams play in a game in Fort Leavenworth, Kan. The teams normally play at 6 a.m. but held this game at 4 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009.

Dr. Chris Arnold, optometrist, gives Mike Sheridan of Lawrence, Kan., a routine eye exam. Arnold recently opened his own practice in Kansas City and works part-time in the Lawrence office. He has been an optometrist for three years.

The sunlight shining from behind the Campanile on the KU campus shows an example of specular light, which casts a defined shadow of the tower onto the hill. The Campanile overlooks Memorial Stadium on the north side of campus.

This photo was taken for a depth of field assignmentt. *Note: I was allowed to take photos of people I knew for this assignment. My professor just wanted us to understand the concept.*

Christ Frost of Topeka, Kan., left, sits with Bill Bowerman of Lawrence, Kan., middle, as they entertain a passerby in South Park on the evening of Sept. 7. The two men along with L.A. Livingston of Lawrence, Kan., seen in the background, gather to play their drums every Monday around 6:30 p.m. Livingston said they don't really try to play any set beat, but rather "just hear the rhythm."

KU seniors Derek Jensen, foreground, and Dustin Nye, background, play a game of tennis at Veterans Park in Lawrence, Kan. on Aug. 31. The two joined a couple of their friends to enjoy a doubles games that afternoon.


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